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Grzegorz is a documentary photographer with extensive experience and expertise in visual storytelling and environmental portraits. His particular interests are the projects involving people and the socio-cultural context. Grzegorz is an academic teacher and head of the Faculty of Travel and Documentary Photography at the University of Technology in Katowice, Poland.

Grzegorz carried out the documentary projects for various organizations incl the Italian Consulate and Italian Embassy in Poland, Deutsches Polen-Institute in Darmstadt, Germany, Minnesota Polish Medical Society, USA, University of Wrocław, Credit Suisse, Aeroclub of Poland, Prison Service, various cultural institutions and international NGOs. He works on commission and runs many long-term personal photography projects. Grzegorz is passionate about travel photography, too.

Grzegorz exhibited his works among others during the European Capital of Culture in Wroclaw 2016, at the National Culture Center in Warsaw, Ghetto Fighters House in Israel, Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul, Deutsches Polen-Institute in Germany, and Ukrainian National Museum in Chicago. His outdoor exhibition in Warsaw was opened personally by the President of Poland. 

Grzegorz runs photography courses for various organizations incl Training Center of the University of Technology in Katowice, Press Officers of the Prison Service, Credit Suisse in Wrocław, University of Economy in Katowice and other. He is the lead photographer at the reputable Deutsches Polen-Institut in Darmstadt, Germany.

Grzegorz is the author of two textbooks on photography printed by the University of Technology in Katowice in 2018 and 2019, see

INTERVIEW for Polskie Radio 1030 CHICAGO, May 19, 2022
INTERVIEW for Nasze Radio USA, May 10, 2022 (Polish)

EXHIBITION OPENING, UKRAINIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM, Chicago, May 6, 2022 incl some photographs of Grzegorz Litynski / Фото виставка Війна в Україні
A short video from the opening ceremony at the Ukrainian National Museum, Chicago
INTERVIEW for Ukrainian Independent Radio, Chicago, May 5, 2022

OPENING of the “FACES of SOLIDARITY” exhibition at the Minnesota State Capitol, December 5, 2021

The photographer 🙂
The organizer of the exhibition was Minnesota Polish Medical Society
The exhibition was held in the Minnesota State Capitol in St. Paul

More pictures on the website of the Minnesota Polish Medical Society:

OPENING of the LONKA EXHIBITION in Kraków, June 2021

Acting as a curator (and photographer) of the Lonka project in Poland, Grzegorz prepared the first LONKA exhibition at JCC in Krakow. During the exhibition, Grzegorz conducted a curator tour. The collections consists of 33 photographs of the Holocaust Survivors incl. four pictures taken by Grzegorz. The exhibition is opened at JCC in Krakow, Miodowa Str. 24, till the end of September 2021.ów

Curator tour at the exhibition opening at JCC Krakow
Curator tour by Grzegorz during exhibition opening at JCC in Krakow. Photo by JCC / Joanna Fabijańska.


The Lonka exhibition at Ghetto Fighters’ Museum consists of 46 photographs including one portrait taken by Grzegorz. Impressive size, impressive display. The exhibition is opened till the end of September 2021. More details under:

Grzegorz’s photograph at the exhibition in Israel: second from the left (portrait of Niusia Horowitz with a mirror, Kraków). Photo by Jim Hollander,


Grzegorz Lityński, third from left, first row. PRESS FOTO in the category “Daily life”.
BZWBK PRESS FOTO 2014 Diploma for Grzegorz Litynski for the 3rd place in the category DAILY LIFE, single picture. Jury President: Tadeusz Rolke.


A publication entitled “Nie jadę grać w szachy” or “I do not travel to play chess” was printed in”Gość Niedzielny”, the biggest Polish weekly. The publication about Grzegorz and his work was written by Barbara Gruszka-Zych, a recognized journalist and poet. It is also available online at:


Award from the President of Poland, Presidential Palast in Warsaw, May 2015.


Opening of the outdoor exhibition by the President Komorowski and his wife, Warsaw, Krakowskie Przedmieście.


Grzegorz’s exhibition at the National Culture Center in Warsaw was the outcome of his trip to Russia in search of the Polish minority living in Siberia and Kamchatka.


The opening ceremony was carried out by Monika Kwiatosz, Consul of the Italian Republic in Wrocław.


You can view excerpt of the book on:


367 pages, 170 illustrations, 650 references, 50 interviews. The book is available on The Foreword was written by Prof. dr. med. Otto Winkelmann, Director of the Senckenberg Institute of the History of Medicine, University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Grzegorz is also the first author of about 25 scientific publications on the history of laparoscopy published in the medical press incl “World Journal of Surgery,” “Der Chirurg” as well as three book chapters in German, Italian and Polish.